Postgraduate Symposium XVI – Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Symposium for Postgraduates 2022

Postgraduate Symposium XVI – Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Symposium for Postgraduates

Friday, 9th December 2022

The Medical Sciences Teaching Centre, University of Oxford, South Parks Rd, Oxford, OX1 3PL

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This face to face meeting will comprise of oral and poster presentations from PhD students and post-doctoral workers researching in biological or medicinal chemistry. In addition, the agenda will feature invited keynote speakers from industry and academia.

Who should attend
This conference will be of interest to PhD students, post-doctoral workers, academics and industry workers.

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This event is free of charge, however delegates are still required to register. Registration is now closed.

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8.30Registration and refreshments
09.30Opening announcements
Douglas Williamson, Transition Bio, UK
9.35Welcome address
Stuart Conway, University of Oxford, UK
First session
Chair: Mary Wheldon, University of Dundee, UK
9.40Keynote lecture: Drug Discovery for Visceral Leishmaniasis
Ian Gilbert, University of Dundee, UK
10.10O1 The development of small molecule inhibitors of the essential Leishmania bromodomain BDF5
Jennifer Carter, University of Oxford, UK
10.30O2 A High-Throughput Phenotypic Drop-Out Screen for the Identification of Antibiotic Cyclic Peptides
Leonie Windeln, University of Southampton, UK
10.50-11.20Refreshment break and exhibition
11.20O3 Peroxide-Cleavable Linkers for Antibody-Drug Conjugates
Nicola Ashman, University of Cambridge, UK
11.40Flash oral poster presentations

11.40 FO01 A high-throughput-chemistry, direct-to-biology approach to discover novel reactive fragments targeting SARS-CoV-2
Harry Wilders, GSK, UK

11.42 FO03 A Reactive Fragment-based PROTAC Platform to Expand the Degradable Proteome
Elliot Fellows, University of Strathclyde, UK

11.44 FO04 Multistep High-Throughput Chemistry Direct-to-Biology PROTAC Synthesis Enabled by Late-Stage sp2-sp3 Cross-Coupling Chemistry
Rebecca Stevens, University of Strathclyde, UK

11.46 FO05 Novel Cyclosporin-like molecules inhibit the antiviral restriction factor IFITM3 to enhance stem cell gene therapy
Valeria Pingitore, University College London, UK

11.48 FO06 Alternative Enzymatic routes to β-lactam Antibiotics
Puja Saha, University of Manchester, UK

11.50 FO07 Developing a toolbox to study molecular glue kinetics
Bethany Thurairajah, University of Leicester, UK

11.52 FO08 Small molecule tools to target glucose metabolism in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
Nikol Zografou Barredo, University of Newcastle, UK

11.54 FO09 Alpha-helix Mimetics disrupting the RhoA – GEF-H1 interaction for ocular disorders
Clara Gathmann, University College London, UK

11.56 FO10 Predicting the Thermodynamics of Water in the KRASG12C Binding Site
Daniella Hares, Institute of Cancer Research, UK

11.58 FO11 Norditerpenoid alkaloids and their analogues: Analytical aspects and analogues activity at human α7 nAChR
Ashraf M. A. Qasem, University of Bath, UK

12.00 FO12 Towards novel glycosyl inhibitors based on a cyclonucleoside scaffold
Ramya K. Nuti, The Queen’s University of Belfast, UK

12.02 FO13 Targeting the cell-adhesion molecule P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 with a small molecule inhibitor
Ciyana James, The Queen’s University of Belfast, UK

12.04 FO14 Open Source Mycetoma: discovery and development of novel antifungal agents against a neglected mycotic disease
Dmitrij Melechov, UCL School of Pharmacy, UK

12.06 FO17 Antimicrobial Peptide Dendrimers for Targeting Cancer and Microbial Infections
Arif Khan, University of Karachi, Pakistan
12.06 – 13.35Lunch, poster session and exhibition
Second session
Chair: Rose Bardell-Cox, Evotec, UK
13.35Keynote lecture: Adventures with Allosteric Inhibitors of mutant GTPase KRASG12C
Sharan Bagal, AstraZeneca, UK
14.05O4 Accessing New Therapeutics via Water Soluble Disulfide Re-bridging of Antibodies
Richard Blackall, University of Strathclyde, UK
14.25O5 Flipping the Switch: Converting Activators into Degraders to Target Glucose Metabolism
Alex Hallatt, University of Newcastle, UK
14.45 – 15.05Refreshment break and exhibition
Third session
Chair: Katherine Jones, Charles River, UK
15.05O6 The synthesis of 18 β –Glycyrrhetinic acid derivatives which have increased antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus
Maria Odagiu, University of Liverpool, UK
15.25O7 High throughput screening and identification of synthetically lethal cyclic peptides in MTAP deletion cancer cell lines
Monika Papayova, University of Southampton, UK
15.45Keynote lecture: Patient-first AI: Exscientia’s Approach
Anthony Bradley, Exscientia, UK
16.15Closing remarks
John Skidmore, University of Cambridge, UK
16.25Wine mixer & prizes
17.00Meeting close


Sponsorship opportunities
There is no registration fee for this symposium and we are therefore seeking sponsorship from companies towards running the costs. Please click here to sponsor Postgraduate Symposium XVI.

Exhibition stands are now fully booked.

We are grateful to our confirmed sponsors for their valued support.

We are grateful to our confirmed exhibitors for their valued support.

Organising Committee

Dave Alker, Dave Alker Associates (Treasurer)
Rose Bardell-Cox, Evotec
Stuart Conway, University of Oxford
Katherine Jones, Charles River
Kate Ogilvy, University of Oxford
John Skidmore, University of Cambridge
Mary Wheldon, University of Dundee
Douglas Williamson, Transition Bio (Chair)

Secretariat Contact and Further Information
Hg3 Conferences Ltd
+44 (0)1423 529333