Postgraduate Symposium XVII – Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Symposium for Postgraduates


Postgraduate Symposium XVII – Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Symposium for Postgraduates

Tuesday, 9th January, 2024

The Medical Sciences Teaching Centre, University of Oxford, South Parks Rd, OxfordOX1 3PL

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X hashtag – #BMCSPostGrad24

This face to face meeting will comprise of oral and poster presentations from PhD students and post-doctoral workers researching in biological or medicinal chemistry. In addition, the agenda will feature invited keynote speakers from industry and academia.

Who should attend
This conference will be of interest to PhD students, post-doctoral workers, academics and industry workers.

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8.30Registration and refreshments
9.30Welcome address
Douglas Williamson, Transition Bio, UK
9.35Opening remarks
Angela Russell, University of Oxford, UK
First session
Chair: Tom Lanyon-Hogg, University of Oxford, UK
9.40Keynote lecture: Chemical Biology in Drug Discovery
David Hewings, Vertex, UK
10.10Novel inhibitors of efflux pump NorA to target antimicrobial resistance
Janine Gray, Imperial College London, UK
10.30Design and synthesis of novel allosteric modulators for the prostaglandin EP2 G protein-coupled receptor
Constance Dalton, University of Nottingham, UK
10.50-11.20Refreshment break and exhibition
Second session
Chair: Katherine Jones, Charles River, UK
11.20Discovery of Hedgehog Acyltransferase Inhibitors to Target Hedgehog Signalling in Cancer
Efthymios S. Gavriil, Imperial College London, UK
11.40Flash oral poster presentations

11.40 FO01 Assessment of the Bioorthogonality of the Nitrile Imine 1,3-Dipole
Mhairi Gibson, University of Strathclyde, UK

11.42 FO02 Investigation of the central core of MEDS433: A Bioisosteric voyage into the Amide's Role
Elena Martino, University of Turin, Italy

11.44 FO03 Design, Synthesis, and In Vitro Characterisation of Activin Receptor-like Kinase 2 Degraders as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy Towards the Treatment of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma
Daniel Webb, University of Strathclyde, UK

11.46 FO04 Design, Synthesis and Pharmacological Testing of Novel Therapeutic Agents Designed to Enhance Insulin Secretion at the Trace Amine-associated Receptor 1
Rhianna Lenham, University of Nottingham, UK

11.48 FO05 Vectorial Functionalisation of Pyrazolo[3,4-c]pyridines for Fragment-based Drug Discovery
Elizabeth Bedwell, University of Durham, UK

11.50 FO06 Discovery of PINK1 Activators as Treatments for Parkinson’s Disease
Arwa AlGhamdi, University of Cardiff, UK

11.52 FO08 The Development of an on-DNA Micelle-Promoted Reductive Amination of DNA-Conjugated Amines to Access Previously Underexplored Peptidomimetics
Matt Anderson, University of Newcastle, UK

11.54 FO10 Development of Cleavable Linkers for Polymer-Drug Conjugates
Sarah Phillips, University of Cambridge, UK

11.56 FO12 Targeting the cell-adhesion molecule PSGL-1 with a small molecule inhibitor
Ciyana James, Queen's University Belfast, UK

11.58 FO16 The Development of 1,2,4-Triazine G-Protein Coupled Receptor 84 (GPR84) Antagonists
Michael Malone, University of Glasgow, UK

12.00 FO17 Discovery of Novel Small Molecules for the Treatment of Human Coronaviruses
Elliott Smyth, LifeArc, UK

12.02 FO18 Synthesis of Macrocyclic Ligands for the Bromodomain of CREBBP/p300
Alistair Boyd, University of Oxford, UK

12.04 FO19 Bivalent chemical tools for investigating the tandem plant homeodomain finger-bromodomain cassette in TRIM24
Michael Platt, University of Oxford, UK

12.06 FO20 Design, Synthesis, Biological Evaluation, and Molecular Modeling of Novel Benzofuran Derivatives as Targeted Cancer Chemotherapy
Alaa Awad Taha Gad Osman, University of Cairo, Egypt

12.06-13.35Lunch, poster session and exhibition
Third session
Chair: John Skidmore, University of Cambridge, UK
13.35Keynote lecture: Design and Synthesis of Metathesis-Stapled Peptides
Alison Hulme, University of Edinburgh, UK
14.05Synthesis of Novel Small Molecule Inhibitors for Snakebite Therapy
Nada Mosallam, University of Liverpool, UK
14.25Identification Of Covalent Tools For Essential Leishmania Bromodomain LdBDF5
Claudine Greenwood, University of Strathclyde and GSK, UK
14.45-15.05Refreshment break and exhibition
Fourth Session
Chair: Mary Wheldon, University of Dundee, UK
15.05Structure-guided optimisation of N-hydroxythiazole-derived inhibitors of Factor Inhibiting Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-α
Thomas Corner, University of Oxford, UK
15.253-D Building Blocks: A Modular Synthetic Platform for Elaborating Fragments to 3-D Lead Compounds
Andres Gomez Angel, University of York, UK
15.45Keynote lecture: Development of Selective, Brain Penetrant PI5P4Kg Inhibitors with Contrasting Binding Modes
Helen Boffey, University of Cambridge, UK
16.15Closing remarks
John Skidmore, University of Cambridge, UK
16.25Wine mixer & prizes
17.00Meeting close

This is a free symposium for PhD students, post-doctoral workers, academics and industry workers. REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED

There is no registration fee for this symposium and we are therefore seeking sponsorship from companies towards running the costs.

All sponsor logo will be displayed on the holding slides, pdf of the delegate handbook and included in the communications to delegates. Your company logo and website link will be displayed on the conference website.


The exhibition stand package includes:

– A six foot trestle table and chair(s)
– Access to electricity and wi-fi
– Logo inclusion in pdf delegate handbook, rolling slides and event website
– Logo inclusion in pre-symposium communication to delegates
– Exhibitor’s promotional page in the pdf delegate handbook
– One stand personnel

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Organising Committee
Dave Alker, Dave Alker Associates (Treasurer)
Katherine Jones, Charles River
Tom Lanyon-Hogg, University of Oxford
Kate Ogilvy, University of Oxford
Angela Russell, University of Oxford
John Skidmore, University of Cambridge
Mary Wheldon, University of Dundee
Douglas Williamson, Transition Bio (Chair)

Secretariat Contact and Further Information
Hg3 Conferences Ltd
+44 (0)1423 529333