BMCS 4th Synthesis in Drug Discovery and Development 2024

BMCS 4th Synthesis in Drug Discovery and Development

Tuesday 4th – Wednesday 5th June, 2024

Virtual (Zoom)

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P01Archana Shirsat, Diksha Rai, Balasaheb Ghotekar, Suvarn Kulkarni*
Synthesis of Conjugation Ready Bacterial Trisaccharide Repeating Unit of Staphylococcus aureus Strain M

P03  – Matthew Holland, Fernanda Duarte, Paul Brennan
Aromatic Heterocyclic Bioisosteres of the Future: A computational search of chemical space reveals previously unsynthesised potential bioisosteres

P04Haya Alsubaie, Alistair Brown, Jonathan Sellars
Design and synthesis of novel small-molecule inhibitors of proteasomal accessory factor A (PafA) for the treatment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

P05Jennyfer Goujon-Ricci, Kirsty Wilson, Nahoum Anthony, Robbie Burton, Natalie Tatum, Susan Tudhope, Mike Waring, Steve Wedge, Martin Noble, Ian Hickson, Ian Hardcastle
DGK inhibitors, hit validation of initial HTS

P06Peter Dodd, Michael Thomas, Stephen Brand, Manu DeRycker, Fabio Zuccutto, Iva Lukac, Eun-Jung Ko, Sujatha Manthri, Kate McGonagle, Maria Osuna-Cabello
Scaffold-Hopping Strategy and Bespoke Syntheses Towards a Clinical Candidate For Visceral Leishmaniasis

Synthesis is at the heart of drug discovery and development. The industry has increasingly demanded higher quality clinical candidates and has sought to exploit less druggable biological targets. Densely functionalised small molecules with a high degree of synthetic complexity are often the result of these demands. Successful programmes therefore require the application of innovative synthesis in all stages of discovery and development. The medicinal chemist’s toolbox is also enhanced by the introduction of novel bioisosteres, often made available only through the application of new synthetic methods. This symposium aims to celebrate the crucial role of synthesis in the success of drug discovery and development.

Who should attend?
Chemists from industry and academia, including synthetic, medicinal, agroscience, and process chemists.

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Please note that this is a provisional programme and is subject to change.

Tuesday 4th June

13.00Opening remarks
13.05 - 15.05Session 1
Chair: Martin Swarbrick, Ryvu Therapeutics
13.05Non-classical bioisosteres for medicinal chemistry
Pavel Mykhailiuk, Enamine
13.45Target-based anti-infective drug discovery
Anna Hirsch, Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland discovery
14.25Biocatalytic single-step reactions and cascades to bioactive motifs
Helen Hailes, University College London
15.05Refreshment break
15.20 - 17.00Session 2
Chair: Pradip Songara, Rothamsted
15.20Flash talks
15.40Investigating c-h activation chemistry of n-phenyl azoles: the discovery of rimisoxafen
Thomas Stevenson, FMC
16.20Single Atom Logic for Skeletal Editing
Mark Levin, University of Chicago

Wednesday 5th June

13.00 - 15.05Session 3
Chair: Andrew Williams, Hon Chairman, RSC BMCS
13.05Evolution of scalable routes to the novel KRASG12C inhibitor AZD4625
Scott Lamont, AstraZeneca
13.45Data-driven exploration of reaction space
Mimi Hii, Imperial College London
14.25Adventures in Process Development
Katherine Wheelhouse, GSK
15.05Refreshment break
15.20 - 17.25Session 4
Chair: Katherine Jones, Charles River
15.20High-Throughput Experimentation to Accelerate Medicinal Chemistry Programs
Pablo Gabriel, Novartis
16.00Discovery synthesis and enablement of Danuglipron, a small molecule GLP-1 agonist
Scott Bagley, Pfizer
16.40Your Chemistry has got Potential: Highly reactive intermediates without the “bang”
Kevin Lam, University of Greenwich
17.20Poster Award
17.25Closing remarks

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Organising Committee
Katherine Jones, Charles River (Chair)
Martin Swarbrick, Ryvu Therapeutics (Treasurer)
Andrew Williams, RSC BMCS
Pradip Songara, Rothamsted Research

Secretariat Contact and Further Information
Hg3 Conferences Ltd
+44 (0)1423 529333