Researcher Mobility Fellowship


Research Fellowship Mobility Call for Applications
Researcher Mobility Fellowship – terms and conditions

The aim of the RSC Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector (BMCS) Research Mobility Fellowship scheme is to encourage short placements between academic institutions and industry, in either direction, in order to drive excellence in UK-based science by facilitating academic-industrial collaborations, partnerships and exchanges in areas of interest to the BMCS, namely bioorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, chemical biology and agriscience.

Fellowships cover a single one-off visit of up to 3 months in duration, supported by awards of up to £5000*. The fellowship, including submission of the final report, is to be completed within 1 year of the grant.

* The fellowship grants will contribute towards return travel to the host location, accommodation and subsistence during the visit.

We invite applications to be received by 30th June 2024. Applicants will be expected to complete the fellowship, including submission of the report, within 1 year of the date of acceptance. Applications should be submitted by e-mail to


  • One page applications should be submitted jointly by both the academic and industrial partner.
  • Applications should outline the scope and duration and proposed time lines of the project to be undertaken in addition to making clear the benefit it will have for both parties.
  • Applicants must give an outline of how the funds they are requesting will be utilized and produce evidence to support this.
  • Applications should be made jointly by both the academic and industrial parties. Additional letters of support from academic supervisors / line managers, may also be included to strengthen the application.
  • Individuals are eligible to receive only one grant per year.
  • Applicants need not be RSC members, but preference will be given to RSC members. If the applicant is an RSC member, they should use their membership application number in the application.
  • There are no age restrictions; applications are invited from anyone who has been educated to degree level, or higher, in chemical sciences, or has equivalent industrial experience.
  • At least one partner applicant must be UK based, but applications will also be considered where one partner applicant is based in the continent of Europe.
  • Applications must hold a fixed-term or permanent contract at an eligible organisation (university; industrial, private or commercial organisation; university spin-out company or research institute) that lasts for the duration of the project and be working or holding a contract in the UK or Europe, regardless of nationality.
  • Upon completion of the fellowship, a 1 page report should be submitted to the BMCS to outline the benefit of the collaboration. A synopsis of this may be posted on the BMCS website to encourage future applications.
  • Applicants may also request supporting funding for their host organisation (with justification), which may include provision for bench fees and administrative support costs (e.g. visa application, insurance) which would be incurred during their visit. These costs must be specified in the application form and verified by the host organisation.
  • While applications that involve ongoing existing collaborations will be considered, applications that target new collaborations are particularly encouraged.

Contact and Further Information
Please contact the Conference Secretariat, Hg3 Conferences for any further information.