Bursary Application Form

Guidance and Conditions for Bursary Applications

Who is eligible?
Most RSC BMCS-organised meetings offer a limited number of bursaries to help cover costs, including registration and travel, for PhD and post-doctoral applicants studying at academic institutions irrespective of their nationality. Preference will be given to members of the RSC, a National Adhering Organisation of the EFMC, and any co-sponsoring organisation (if applicable), especially those who are selected to present posters. Bursary applications are also invited from RSC or EFMC members who are of working age, but currently unemployed, and from those who may have difficulty in funding themselves or whose organisations may have difficulty in funding their attendance.

Applications must be endorsed by the student’s supervisor.

What type of expenditure can be funded?
Registration fee (first claim item), second class or budget travel, one night’s accommodation at a budget hotel for one-day meetings and up to three nights’ accommodation for multi-day meetings.

What is the maximum value of each bursary?
Bursaries are up to a value of £350 for one-day meetings, and up to £700 for multi-day meetings.

What is the closing date for applications?
See details from relevant meeting, using the relevant application form.

How should claims be submitted?
Successful bursary applicants must submit their completed claim form with receipts to the Secretary of BMCS within 30 days of the end of the conference.

Further Information
For further details please contact the Conference Secretariat, Hg3 Conferences.